50 foot container officially put into use

According to Pengpai News, the 50 foot container is independently developed by China Railway Group, with a total weight of 36 tons, a load capacity of 30.85 tons, and a volume of 114.4 cubic meters, an increase of 50% compared to the 40 foot international standard container volume. It is currently the largest container in China.


Railway multimodal express trains carrying 50 foot containers depart from Guangzhou International Port Station, Shanghai Minhang Station, Changsha North Station, and Kunming Wangjiaying West Station. This size of container will be normalized for railway freight transportation.

This marks a new breakthrough in China's railway freight equipment innovation and freight product upgrading, which will provide strong support for promoting transportation structure adjustment, building a modern logistics system, and assisting domestic and international dual circulation.

After online testing and safety assessment, this model of container meets the safety requirements for railway freight train loading and transportation. After being put into use, it mainly serves the inland transportation market in China, greatly enhancing container transportation capacity, significantly reducing social logistics costs, and accelerating the construction of China's inland container equipment system.

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