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CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. learned the latest Global Container Port Efficiency Index (CPPI), which jointly released by the World Bank, Standard & Poor's and IHS Markit, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the grounded container ship led to the blockade of the Suez Canal in March 2021, as well as the recent impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war, ports and their associated logistics chains play an important role in the global economy. How to maintain the flow of vital medical and food supplies, critical agricultural products, energy flows, and other goods and services that contribute to the economic life of the country becomes the main purpose of the interaction of public and private stakeholders at the port.


The CPPI is expected to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement and benefit all stakeholders, and it will provide an important reference index for key stakeholders in the global economy, including national governments, port authorities and operators, development agencies, supranational organizations, various marine interests, as well as trade, logistics, and supply chain services.

CPPI 2021 still uses managerial or technical methods, which reflect practical methods of expert knowledge and judgment; and statistical methods (factor analysis) ensure container port performance ranks and reflects actual port performance as closely as possible. Overall, compared to CPPI 2020, the agreement between the rankings obtained by the two methods is significantly improved, and the difference is significantly reduced. The global port performance rankings obtained by the above two calculation methods are as follows: Among them, China's Shanghai (Yangshan Port), Ningbo Port, and Guangzhou Port are ranked among the top 10 most efficient ports in the world! In addition to the relatively good performance of Chinese ports, the performance of ports in the Middle East has also achieved good results. Last year's No. 1 port of Yokohama, Japan, fell to 10th in this year's global port performance rankings.










The report also noted that maritime transport is an important part of globalized trade and manufacturing supply chains. More than four-fifths of global merchandise trade (by volume) is carried by sea. Container transport accounts for about 35% of the total trade volume and more than 60% of the commercial value. Container ports are critical nodes in global supply chains and at the heart of growth strategies for many emerging economies.

Wilmsmeier, Hoffmann, and Sanchez confirm the impact of port performance on international trade costs. CPPI 2021 believes the above as having a particularly pronounced impact on landlocked developing countries and small island developing States. Unfortunately, ports and terminals, especially container terminals, are often a major source of shipment delays, supply chain disruptions, additional costs and reduced competitiveness. According to the CPPI 2021 report, underperforming ports are basically show: limited space and operational efficiency, limited sea and land access, insufficient oversight and poor coordination between relevant public agencies, lacking of predictability and reliability.


Therefore, in many cases, high efficiently for port infrastructure is a fundamental condition for the success of export-led growth strategies. CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing container and port solutions for the industry: (1) Container Tracking:which is conveniently installed In ihe container ventiLAlation hole; keep original container structure; acquiring the location and status data of the container with Internet of Things Technology; optimize container management business. (2) Reefer Guard:Installed near the controller of reefer container, realize data interaction with the controller of reefer container through satellite positioning and cellular communication (optional LEO satellite communication), and monitor the process of container cold chain transportation. (3) Reefer Container Remote Monitoring System: Intelligent monitoring products for reefer container yard, remote automatic inspection for reefer container temperature and fault warning, improve monitoring efficiency and management quality. (4) Electronic Seal: which is a container-sealing product using the world's unique serial number electronic chip to record the container-sealing number, container-sealing manufacturer number and other information, has anti-counterfeiting functions and one-time use characteristics. It is composed of electronic label and mechanical container-sealing, and its mechanical parts are in line with the provisions of the national standard, including mechanical type, technical requirements, test methods, and external identification.

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