Future Development Trends of Shipping

At present, China has introduced multiple policies to promote the development of shipping.

The market for the shipping industry is very large. But many enterprises have the characteristics of small scale and relatively single business. This also leads to weak risk resistance in the shipping industry. China has issued the "Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Promoting the High Quality Development of the Maritime Industry", which proposes to "encourage the merger and reorganization of maritime enterprises, promote large-scale, intensive, and diversified operations, and enhance risk resistance and international competitiveness". The introduction of this measure is aimed at better centralizing and diversifying enterprise business, and promoting the better development of the shipping industry.

With the support of big data and high-tech technology, the cooperation between the shipping industry and emerging technologies has become increasingly close. At present, Chinese shipping companies still have significant room for improvement in the application of artificial intelligence big data, and many Chinese companies are actively conducting scientific research to help the efficient development of the shipping industry. ShenZhen CIMC Intelligence has developed a variety of hardware products, adding a technological foundation for achieving efficient development of the shipping industry.


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