How Carbon Tax Surcharges Affect Container Prices

Recently, many shipping companies have announced reference prices for carbon tax surcharges, including Maersk, Herbrot, and Delta. As a result, the impact of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) on the maritime industry has begun to enter reality.


However, it is worth considering that the reference prices for carbon tax surcharges provided by the three shipping companies are different and have not yet formed a unified standard. The price difference on the same route is as high as 98 euros/40 foot boxes (approximately RMB 755.13).

At present, the reference price for carbon tax surcharges only needs to be paid by 40% in 2024, but by 2026, it needs to be fully paid.

Based on the payment difference of the carbon tax surcharge reference price, MSC has warned that each cold box may incur an additional cost of up to 500 euros (approximately 3852.71 yuan).

The emergence of reference prices for carbon tax surcharges has caused concerns among the shipping industry and shippers about costs, while EU ports are concerned about volume loss.

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