How are shipping containers tracked

Shipping containers are tracked through a combination of technologies and systems


GPS (Global Positioning System): Many shipping containers are equipped with GPS container tracking devices that use satellite signals to determine their precise location, so do ShenZhen CIMC shipping containers. These devices provide real-time location data, allowing stakeholders to track the containers' movement and monitor their progress along the supply chain.

Cellular Networks: Some containers use cellular network connectivity to transmit tracking data. These containers are equipped with SIM cards or specialized tracking devices that utilize mobile networks to communicate their location information. This method is particularly useful in areas with good cellular coverage.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): RFID technology involves placing small electronic tags or labels on containers. These tags emit radio waves that can be detected and read by RFID readers, allowing for easy and automatic identification of containers as they pass through checkpoints or gateways. RFID can provide real-time tracking information at specific points in the supply chain.

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices: IoT devices, such as sensors and beacons, are increasingly used to track shipping containers. These devices can monitor various parameters, including location, temperature, humidity, vibration, and security status. They transmit the collected data wirelessly to a central system, enabling stakeholders to track and monitor the containers' conditions and status in real-time.

Tracking Platforms and Software: Container tracking includes reefer tracking is often facilitated through dedicated tracking platforms or software systems. These platforms collect and integrate data from various container tracking technology and provide a centralized interface for stakeholders to access real-time container information. Users can log in to these platforms to track containers, view historical data, set up alerts, and manage their shipments.

The combination of these tracking methods allows for comprehensive container tracking, providing stakeholders with valuable information about container whereabouts, condition, and logistics status throughout the supply chain.

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