How to solve the remote monitoring problem of sea freight containers

Temperature monitoring is crucial for cold chain transportation, and controlling the refrigerated temperature mainly relies on four links: production location, transportation, warehousing, and external supervision.


Reefer Container Tracking by ShenZhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., produced, which Installed near the chiller, realize data interaction with the chiller through satellite positioning and cellular communication (optional LEO satellite communication), and monitor the process of container cold chain transportation.

Reefer Container Tracking can reduce costs (operation and maintenance) for container owners and cargo owners, improve cargo supervision capabilities, optimize deployment plans, reduce transportation risks and improve management efficiency for users.

Reefer Container Tracking can maintain normal standby battery life for a long time in the case of long-term power failure; have a self-checking applet, which is easy to install and check.

The communication function of Reefer Container Tracking integrates low-orbit satellite communication, and diversified communication makes Reefer Container have more advantageous to face special situations.

Reefer Container Tracking has the advantage for platform, and the system can directly connect to the port's reefer container monitoring system. Currently, only ShenZhen CIMC Intelligence is doing the port's reefer container monitoring system. At present, the port terminals that have realized the docking of the port system are: Ningbo Meishan Port, Zhoushan Yongzhou Port, Guangxi Qinzhou Port, and Qingdao Port.


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