Longgong Port is the largest intelligent container demonstration port on inland rivers in the Jiangbei region

According to poster news reports, as of August 29th, Longgong Port has completed a container throughput of 79000 TEUs this year, 3.8 times that of 20400 TEUs last year, strongly supporting container transportation at Jining Port.


The strong development of Longgong Port is supported by two major advantages: technological empowerment and intelligent equipment support. Longgong Port's "Inland Smart Port" has been selected as the first batch of pilot projects to accelerate the construction of a strong transportation country in Shandong Demonstration Zone.

Longgong Port has achieved full process automation operations, which is the first in China's inland rivers, including three operating berths. It has put into use remote control shore bridges, automated yard bridges, and unmanned intelligent horizontal transport vehicles, and deployed an industrial 5G private network.

The container operation at Longgong Port is efficient and intelligent, completing the loading operation of a 2000 ton 96 standard containers in 3 hours. One driver can simultaneously operate four rail cranes, improving efficiency by 80% compared to traditional methods.

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