New Opportunities for Green Development of Ports

The "Green Shipping Corridor" refers to a zero emission route between two or more ports. At the 26th Conference of the Parties held in Glasgow in November 2021, a total of 22 countries including the United States, Germany, and France jointly signed the "Clyde Bank Declaration", which clearly proposed the establishment of a "green shipping corridor" starting from the International Maritime Organization's 2050 decarbonization plan. As of now, 24 countries around the world have launched 21 green shipping corridor construction initiatives, with ports, shipping companies, and cargo owners participating.

The Port of New Orleans fully utilizes highways and railways to transport goods, and the Louisiana government plans to invest a new $100 million in expanding container equipment along the railway to enhance the overall logistics network, especially the efficiency of the sea rail intermodal network.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its port initiative document calls on ports and other railway operators to reduce port carbon emissions by reducing idle locomotive emissions and upgrading old equipment.

Missoula City, Montana began implementing a yard idle policy in 2010, installing automatic engine shutdown and start devices (AESS) and auxiliary power units (APUs) for locomotives, achieving a 95% reduction in annual nitrogen oxides, an 89% reduction in PM10, a 60% reduction in carbon monoxide, and a total reduction of over 400 short tons of pollutants. 115 auxiliary power units have accumulated fuel savings of $2.1 million.

New York New Jersey Port collaborates with the government, civil society organizations (CURES), and businesses (WMNY, CSXT, and NY&A) to replace old internal combustion engine trains with 4-series trains (Tier4) or cleaner trains. The project reduces pollutant emissions by 99% annually, reduces nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by 20 tons, and saves 26000 gallons of diesel.

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