Release of Technical Standards for the First F5G Port Remote Control Group in China

Recently, the China Port Association group standard "Technical Requirements for F5G Network System for Remote Control of Container Cranes", led by Nezha Port and Navigation Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Port Group, was officially released. This group standard is the first container crane remote control network technology standard in the port industry, filling the gap in the construction standard of container crane remote control network technology. The standard content is scientifically advanced and has strong guidance, which is of great significance for improving the intelligence level of ports.

At present, the F5G all optical industrial network has been deployed in ports in Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Beibu Gulf, and other places. The upstream and downstream industries are continuously increasing investment in the F5G all optical industrial network, and the demonstration scenarios of port intelligence are also constantly enriching. With the catalysis of innovative technology, port intelligence facilities are becoming increasingly perfect, and the comprehensive competitiveness of smart ports is constantly improving.

(Source: Shanghai State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission)


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