Shanghai Port and Los Angeles Port Jointly Build Green Shipping

In January 2022, Shanghai Port and Los Angeles Port jointly initiated the establishment of a green shipping channel, aiming to achieve the cleanest and lowest carbon transportation of goods from port to port between Shanghai Port and Los Angeles Port.

After the announcement of the initiative, the Shanghai Transportation Commission (Shanghai Port), the Los Angeles Port Authority (Los Angeles Port), and the C40 Urban Climate Leadership Alliance, as the main initiators, collaborated with all participating parties to actively plan and develop a green shipping corridor implementation plan. After nearly a year of efforts, all parties have reached an agreement on the content of the implementation plan outline.

The Shanghai Los Angeles Port Green Shipping Corridor is the world's first green shipping corridor spanning the Pacific Ocean. Under the emission reduction framework established by the International Maritime Organization, participating parties will demonstrate advanced logistics technology, decarbonization technology application, and best management practices through voluntary cooperation in the corridor, gradually achieving decarbonization in shipping and port activities.

The outline of the implementation plan states that port partners will take measures to reduce carbon emissions from terminal operations, and shipowner partners will set goals to agree with carriers to use zero carbon emission shipping services throughout their entire life cycle. During this process, relevant parties will track and report carbon emissions and evaluate the progress of decarbonization.

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