Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co High Cube Dry Containers-support multiple locations to pick up

Our container industry has a long history, including traditional container business and intelligent innovation business. It has multiple production bases, excellent product quality, and high -quality for after -sales service.


Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. currently sells 400 40 'High Cube Dry Containers in Foshan and supports to pick up in Guangzhou (Zhujiang Wharf, Shichu Wharf, Huangpu Wharf) and Shenzhen (Shekou Wharf).


External size of new 40HC standard container: 12192 × 2438 × 2896 mm

Payment method: Support RMB or USD


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Contact: Summer Cheng

TEL: +86-13823136617


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