Southeast Asia Eight Day Express E-commerce Shipping Line Opened

On October 19th, Cainiao International and South China COSCO Shipping announced the joint opening of the Southeast Asian 8-day e-commerce sea freight express. Both parties will integrate their respective advantageous resources and work together to create end-to-end full chain services from Shekou and Nansha Port to Klang, Malaysia and Singapore Port, including full container and bulk consolidation services.

It is understood that this sea freight product is specially customized for cross-border e-commerce, with a full link time that can be about five days faster than similar products in the market, and provides a "late arrival must compensate" service guarantee.

The South China COSCO Shipping Organization has selected multiple scheduled route services for this shipment. The E-commerce Express has specially set up 5 weekly routes from Shekou to Singapore, 3 weekly routes from Shekou to Klang, 2 weekly routes from Nansha to Singapore and Klang, and provides 4 weekly mobile routes as a supplement.

At the same time, in response to the requirements of e-commerce customers for performance time, both parties jointly open a "green channel service" at the port of departure to save waiting time for goods.

(Information from Yangcheng Evening News)


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