Terminal strike DP World reinvests in container terminals

According to the latest news, DP World is an Emirati multinational logistics company, which headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DP World is currently investing in technology and assets to modernize operations at its St. Johns Multipurpose Container Terminal on Canada's east coast. The new equipment will include two post-Panamax quay cranes, more than a dozen reach stackers, additional internal transfer vehicles and container trailers. The company will also implement technology solutions, including upgraded terminal operating systems, a new truck door system and an enterprise-wide financial management system.


In a statement, the port said its cargo volumes have been growing steadily, with more logistics and supply chain solutions being added, more growth is expected. Despite the recent strikes at many ports and terminals around the world, investors believe that terminal construction still has value due to the increasing popularity of shipping. Mandarin Shipping founder Tim Huxley once told CNBC that the container shipping industry could see a "very strong" recovery as China's new crown epidemic eases.


The "Reefer Container Remote Monitoring System" developed and produced by ShenZhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to helping dockers reduce working time and increase work intensity. It has been applied to many major ports in China, such as Ningbo Port, Qinzhou Port, Yongzhou Port, Qingdao Port.


It adopts 2D/3D data visualization management to realize the informatization of data management and precision of that. This product through the collection, transmission and monitoring of real-time data to reduce manual handing operations, the whole process of automatic data collection/reporting/storage of refrigerated container, real-time automatic inspection of fault alarms about refrigerated containers. The application of "Reefer Container Remote Monitoring System" in various ports will completely replace the traditional mode of manual transcription. The emergence of "Reefer Container Remote Monitoring System" will also help speed up port intelligence and industry progress, and fundamentally improve the working environment and working intensity of port dockers.


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