What is reefer container tracking

Reefer container tracking refers to the process of monitoring and tracing shipping containers as they move along the supply chain. It involves the use of various technologies and systems to gather real-time information about the location, status, and condition of containers during transit.

Reefer container tracking is essential in international trade and logistics to ensure the efficient movement of goods and provide visibility into the supply chain. By tracking containers, stakeholders such as shippers, freight forwarders, and customers can obtain timely and accurate information about the whereabouts of their shipments.

The tracking process typically involves attaching tracking devices or sensors to containers, which transmit data such as GPS coordinates, temperature, humidity, and security status. This information is collected and transmitted through communication networks to a centralized system or platform, where it can be accessed and monitored by authorized parties.

Reefer Container Tracking by ShenZhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Installed near the chiller, realize data interaction with the chiller through satellite positioning and cellular communication (optional LEO satellite communication), and monitor the process of container cold chain transportation. The ZN-RG series developed by the ShenZhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a magnetic suction model, which is easier to disassemble and install than the old model, making it more practical for reefer containers transported globally.


Satellite positioning function

According to the set positioning data collection frequency (unit: minutes/time, data collection frequency range [5,10080]), the positioning information is regularly uploaded with the data reporting frequency. The device will switch the reporting frequency between static reporting time interval and motion reporting time interval.

Data reporting function

According to the set data reporting frequency (unit: minute/time, data acquisition frequency range [5,10080]), it report information regularly, including equipment attribute information, positioning information, air supply temperature, container number, set temperature, return air temperature, etc.

Battery detection function

The power information is reported to the platform along with the device attribute information.

Motion sensing detection function

The device will determine the motion/stationary state based on the GSENSOR threshold, and the device can switch data collection/reporting frequency based on the motion/stationary state.

Remote upgrade function

The device receives platform instructions for software upgrades.

Support for expanding wired temperature and humidity probes

According to user needs, the device can add two wired temperature and humidity probes.


Reefer container tracking offers several benefits. It enables improved shipment planning and scheduling, enhances inventory management, and reduces the risk of theft, loss, or damage to goods. It also allows for better coordination among different parties involved in the supply chain, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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