Wuchang Shipbuilding 1100TEU Container Ship Successfully Launched

This type of ship is the latest third-generation branch line container ship launched by China Shipbuilding (600150) Group. It has a length of 147.9 meters, a width of 23.25 meters, a depth of 11.5 meters, a structural draft of 8.5 meters, and can load 1182 20 foot standard containers. Its ship energy efficiency design index fully meets the requirements of EEDI III.

Compared with other ships of the same type, this ship has the characteristics of large carrying capacity, a large number of heavy containers, a large number of cold containers, a large number of high containers, high sailing speed, low fuel consumption, etc. It has strong and flexible cargo carrying capacity, excellent speed and fuel economy, as well as excellent comfort. It is also equipped with intelligent systems such as integrated platform functions and intelligent energy efficiency management, hull performance management, and intelligent video management. This ship is a green and environmentally friendly ship type that integrates economy, safety, and intelligence.

At present, the installation of the ship's equipment, full cabin tightness testing, piping installation, full cabin painting, full vessel lifting box testing, and internal installation engineering have been basically completed. According to the production plan, after launching, the ship will achieve the main power generation motor vehicle within half a month, complete mooring tests within two months, and achieve delivery by the end of 2023.

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